• What is Distributed Wind?

    What is Distributed Wind?

    For nearly as long as history has been recorded humans have been capturing the power in wind to perform work in one way or another. Currently the most common use for wind power is the generation of electricity; this is accomplished at different scales from th

  • WINDPOWER 2011

    WINDPOWER 2011

    WINDPOWER 2011 Conference and Exhibition is the focal point for wind professionals to learn about wind issues, technology, and policy while networking with industry decision makers, and generating high-quality business leads.

Wind Turbine Installation - Providing Wind Turbine Installation

Human kind has been using wind power across the globe for centuries. In the 1920 to 1960s, wind power was used to power parts of rural America.

In the last 3 decades electricity production from wind power has evolved with large wind farms feeding electricity into the electrical systems of countries around the world.

Wind power has become a leading clean, alternative power source as the planet faces environmental crisis. Over the past several years, distributed wind has leveraged substantial technological advancement to put wind power to work for individual homeowners, farmers, schools, hospitals and industry.

We offer expert Wind Turbine Sales and Installation. Save time and money all while going green with wind energy.

WPS Construction - Wind Turbine Installers for Central California

Why Your Business Should Consider Wind Turbine Installation

Many business owner/operators today are not aware of the effect that Wind Power could have on their bottom line. Of course due to physical constraints some may not be able to convert or utilize Wind Turbines. However, a WPS Construction Wind Power specialist can help you with your energy solutions from choosing the site up to installation and maintenance of the tower.

Your WPS Construction wind specialist will help to analyze what your yearly power production should be from your site. The wind energy your site produces along with current electrical costs, expected rate increases from your current provider, will allow us to propose a financial plan showing you what type of return of investment you should see.

In most cases Wind Turbines will produce enough energy to dramatically offset your current energy usage. However you must consider all costs involved such as price charged by your utility provider, the wind resources themselves, ongoing repair and maintaining of your site, and availability of net metering in your area.
(Net metering is where the utility will actually reimburse you if you produce more than you use.)

One other point that needs making is that generally Federal, State and Electrical Utility/Cooperative incentive programs are available to non-profit wind generating owners and operators. Those programs are low interest loans, grants, tax credits, feed in tariffs and more. Those programs alone will substantially make the economics of a Wind Energy installation something worth looking at. Our wind specialist can explore these programs with you and make certain you avail yourself to as many as is possible for your highest ROI.

Wind Turbine Installation

We offer several lines of Wind Turbines that deliver from 10,000 kWh up to 200,000 kWh of electricity. Residences and small farms up to and including schools, hospitals, manufacturing and fabricating companies use our units. Low RPM asynchronous turbines with large swept blade designs produce our Wind Power. They produce power in lower wind situations than competing units. Asynchronous means they utilize induction generators to make the electricity from wind for grid ready AC power which flows directly on to the grid by way of standard electrical connections. Normal industry standard is to use permanent magnet generators that need external inverters to convert DC to AC. That process increases both maintenance and equipment costs and reduces overall power due to inverter loss.

All our models have undergone extensive testing. They are equipped with dual disc brakes to shut it down in the event of excessive wind or grid power loss. Blades are designed to stall to protect turbine from damage. The on-board computer control system manages all operational aspects and uses our proprietary software to maintain the turbine. And last but not least our Wind Energy turbines produce quiet energy that won’t even drown out a normal conversation between to people. Plus due to the installation in residential, rural, or business settings the appearance of our turbines is important to all of our clients. Our equipment is designed to appear pleasing to the eye where ever they are located.